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Google Launches Gemini: A Big Step Forward in AI and Its Impact on Tech Hiring

Written By:

Shane Wen

Published on:

December 7, 2023

Google’s new project, Gemini, is creating waves in the world of AI.

It’s part of Google’s Bard chatbot and is being called their most advanced AI yet because it doesn’t just work with text – it can handle videos, pictures, and sounds too.

Google’s Gemini is stepping up to challenge ChatGPT, promising faster and smarter interactions. It’s not just another AI; it’s a game-changer in the way we use technology. Think of it as Google’s biggest innovation since its famous PageRank algorithm.

Today marks a new chapter with Gemini Pro running Bard in English, and soon, it will be in more places and in other Google products like search and ads. There’s even a smaller version for Pixel 8 phones! And get ready for Gemini Ultra, the most advanced version yet, coming in 2024.

Demis Hassabis, the head of Google DeepMind, is thrilled about Gemini. It’s been trained on a mix of pictures, videos, and sounds from the start, which makes it uniquely versatile. It comes in three versions – Ultra, Nano, and Pro – each suited for different needs.

What’s really exciting is how Gemini could change tech hiring.

Imagine an AI that can sift through a job candidate’s work, analyze their communication skills from videos, and even check their coding skills on the spot. This could make finding the right person for the job faster, more accurate, and less biased.

In summary, Google’s Gemini is more than just a new AI; it’s a sign of big changes in how we use technology for tasks like hiring and project management. It’s an exciting time for companies like Hokantan, who are at the forefront of using tech to hire the best talent. /

Updated 12-8-2023, 1:46 am EST

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